Take care of your skin after summer!

Strong sun, sea water, neglect of care – all this can effectively translate into an unfavorable appearance, discoloration and dehydration of our skin. Even if you forget about care for a while – nothing is lost! There are a few steps to restore your skin’s glow after an intense summer.

Basics of skin care

Forgetting about protective and moisturizing cosmetics under strong sun, we expose our skin to drying out, and thus – reducing its firmness and elasticity. When it’s warm, we sweat more and lose water faster, so it’s important to hydrate from the inside by drinking water, and outside with the right creams, lotions and moisturizing oils.

It is worth remembering that it is easier to prevent than to heal. In order to restore the skin’s proper hydration and elasticity, we need time and regular moisturizing. So let’s choose creams that will strengthen the structure of the epidermis, create protection and restore proper hydration. Also, remember to always reach for products with UVA and UVB filters that will effectively protect against burns and sun discoloration.

SHECELL dermatologic for dehydrated skin

In order to moisturize, smooth and elasticize the skin, it is worth reaching for care dedicated to dehydrated skin. The SHECELL dermatologic cream for dehydrated skin shows moisturizing properties and leaves a pleasant feeling of a delicate and velvety protective film. The biopolymer DIBUSHILED PRO-HEAL TM and Glycofilm® 1.5P contained in the cream form a 3D shield on the skin, protecting the skin against the adverse effects of the external environment. Modern UVA and UVB filters contribute to protection against UV radiation.

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