DibuCell Active Exudate – supporting the wound healing process

DibuCell Active Exudate are innovative dressings intended for use in wounds without visible infection. These include, among others:

  • flat and shallow ulcers,
  • skin damage,
  • traumatic wounds,
  • Burns,
  • 2nd-4th degree bedsores,
  • flat and shallow wounds in the course of the diabetic foot – places after tissue removal for transplant in compression therapy.


The main advantages of DibuCell Active Exudate dressings include: active support of the wound healing process, reduction of pain and wound traumatization, which provides immediate relief. The dressings are made of the natural, innovative DIBUSHIELD PRO-HEAL ™ biopolymer, thanks to which they constitute a scaffolding for the regenerating tissue, thus significantly accelerating wound healing.

The dressings do not need to be changed – they spontaneously degrade in the wound environment under the influence of enzymes (enzymatic degradation). After the dressing is degraded, a new plaster should be applied, thanks to which the treatment process eliminates the pain and discomfort felt by the patient and prevents traumatization of newly formed tissues. The degradation time depends on the amount of exudate. If there is a reduction in wound exudate, replace DibuCell Active Exudate with DibuCell Active.

Contraindication to the use of DibuCell Active Exudate dressings are wounds with visible signs of infection, which is evidenced by:

  • wound glassiness,
  • intense local pain,
  • increased warmth and redness of the wound area,
  • a large amount of fibrin,
  • increased or purulent exudate
  • unpleasant smell of discharge.

Dressings should also not be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding and in children, as well as in the case of allergy to any component of the dressing.