Celther Polska offers a wide range of genetic engineering services, from gene cloning to gene expression in an appropriate vector system. Our experience in genetic engineering allows us to adjust the offer to the client’s expectations, so that they receive the appropriate tool to conduct their scientific research. Depending on the client’s needs, we are able to adjust promoters related to the expression of selected genes or resistance to specific antibiotics, as well as introduce numerous modifications to the genes, such as the presence of the UTR region, mutations in the gene sequence or the presence of tags. After obtaining the vector coding for the desired gene, we can transduce it into eukaryotic cells and obtain a stable cell line. In addition, we offer the service of regulating gene expression in bacteria in order to obtain the desired protein. Additionally, we also provide gene silencing services. This method is widely known and used in research on the function of genes. At Celther, we also prepare vectors containing shRNAs used for both short-term and stable silencing of the expression of a selected gene in cells.


High-screening testing is a common method used both in drug development and in research into biological processes. One of the major hurdles in designing such studies is the selection of the appropriate reporter gene. Our team can help in this regard and create an appropriate reporter system to monitor cell viability, signaling path activity, interactions between proteins and other biological processes taking place in the cells.


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