Celther Polska offers a cell line derivation service. Our advantage is the fast delivery time and competitive price. We have many years of experience in the implementation of stable cell lines. We make every effort to meet customer expectations.

The scope of services performed:

Our highly specialized staff works with modern laboratory equipment.  In addition to the basic equipment, we also have an NGS sequencer – Ion PGM TM System (Ion Torrent┬«), BioStation CT (Nikon Corporation) – a device for real-time cell observation, and xCELLigence (Agilent Technologies, Inc.).

In addition, before starting the project implementation, we offer free consultations aimed at assessing the project and presenting specific solutions.

Derivation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSc) and their differentiation

The hiPSc derivation service includes:

In addition, we provide the service of testing the pluripotency of stem cells provided by the client using techniques such as Western Blotting, immunocytochemistry or qPCR.

Derivation of spherical cell cultures

Celther offers the derivation of 3D spherical cell cultures that reflect in vivo conditions and are a suitable tool for pre-clinical testing.