Dibucell Active Exudate

Promotes wound healing
Distributor: Przedsiębiorstwo Farmaceutyczne LEK-AM Sp. z o. o
Active dressings, 6 pieces

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100% biodegradable, unique dressings for the treatment of chronic wounds and ulcers

Who this product is for: DibuCell Active Exudate is recommended for people with chronic wounds and ulcers with high exudation. Dressings support the wound healing process. Their use reduces pain and wound traumatization, and guarantees exceptional comfort of use. The dressings are made of the natural, innovative DIBUSHIELD PRO-HEAL ™ biopolymer. They constitute a scaffold for the regenerating tissue, thus accelerating wound healing. The dressings do not require changes – they spontaneously degrade the wound environment under the influence of enzymes (enzymatic degradation), after degrading the dressing, we put on a new one. In this way, we eliminate the pain and discomfort felt by the patient and prevent traumatization of newly formed tissues. The degradation time depends on the amount of exudate. If there is a reduction in wound exudate, replace DibuCell Active Exudate with DibuCell Active.

Ingredients: Chitin dibutyrate 100%

Effect for you: Promotes wound healing .

Application: The dressings are intended for use on the following types of wounds without visible infection, in the exudative and granulation phase:
flat and shallow ulcers, skin lesions, traumatic wounds, burns, 2nd-4th degree pressure ulcers (damage to the full thickness of the skin to the subcutaneous tissue)
flat and shallow wounds in the course of the diabetic foot – places after tissue removal for transplant in compression therapy, to be applied under an elastic bandage.

Contraindications: Wounds with signs of infection, as evidenced by: vitreous wound, increased local pain, increased heat and redness of the wound area, large amount of fibrin, increased or purulent exudate and unpleasant smell of secretions. DibuCell Active dressing should also not be used in pregnant women, during breastfeeding and in children, and if you are allergic to any component of the dressing.

Undesirable effects: During the application of DibuCell Active dressing, the following may occur: pain in the limb, inflammation, another ulcer appearing in the area of the primary lesion (very rarely, this complication was found in one patient). If you notice such symptoms, see your doctor immediately. If an allergic reaction (redness, swelling around the wound) or inflammation occurs during the application of DibuCell Active dressing, it is recommended to consult a doctor.