Celther Polska Chemical Laboratory specializes mainly in the development of technology and chemical synthesis of unique derivatives of polymers of natural origin and plastics used as widely understood biomaterials. The applied analytical methods allow for obtaining final products with a high level of purity. The laboratory is equipped with equipment enabling chemical syntheses to be carried out in a wide temperature range, as well as mass syntheses of polymers.

We are here to help you develop an atypical polymer synthesis method, optimize the technological process related to the synthesis or further processing of polymers, and identify and characterize the reaction products. We offer advice, consultation, development and implementation of technological orders. We work with industry, entrepreneurs, universities and institutes throughout the country. We cordially invite you to ask questions and establish cooperation with our team.

Services of the Chemical Laboratory of Celther Polska

1) Syntheses and isolation of polymers.
2) Physicochemical analyzes of polymers and organic compounds developed in the chemical laboratory and provided by the client (including determination of viscosity by Ubbelohde dilution viscometry).
3) Analyzes of the results of spectroscopic tests (MNR, IR, UV-VIS).
4) Analyzes of the biocompatibility of the synthesized polymers in the laboratory as well as polymers and organic compounds provided by the client (MTT and NRU survival tests, tests of cell proliferation and migration in contact with the tested substance and other in vitro tests).